Hello bakers!

Really sorry for the short notice but if you are free this weekend we are having a Baking for Hospice Round this Sunday 9 April and would really appreciate your baking!

The drop off sites and times are below: (please check your email for more details)
9:00am-11:30am Nessie – St   Johns North Shore Hospice
9:00am – 10:00am Margaret & Aimee –  Onehunga Mercy Hospice
11:15am – 12:15am Phillippa – Albany North Shore Hospice
11:30am – 12:30pm Dean – Delish Cupcakes, Forrest Hill North Shore Hospice
1:00pm- 1:15pm *North Shore Hospice – 7 Shea Tce – Takapuna North Shore Hospice
* Please let me know if you are dropping off at the NS Hospice so I can make sure there are enough cake boxes for you. Thanks!!!

If you can bake – thanks so much! Please let me know by email which drop off site you are planning on using so I can make sure we have enough cake boxes at each place.

Thanks again wonderful bakers!




Hello bakers!

Baking for Hospice is back and the Christmas round is this Sunday 18 December!

Please check your email for more details about the drop off addresses and times.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing baking and to introduce our little girl to you wonderful hospice bakers.


See you this Sunday

Nessie x

Dear Bakers,

It’s December tomorrow, which means only 3 and a half weeks until Christmas (eek!!) and it’s also time for the next baking round: the Christmas Round on Sunday 13 December!


It’s a mad hectic time of year for everyone but if you can spare a little bit of time for the next Baking for Hospice round coming up it would be so so so appreciated because the Christmas Round is when we get to show the hospice patients, families and wonderful staff we are thinking about them and sharing our love with them this Christmas time 🙂


For the theme this round it’s: A Kiwi Christmas – so think summery baking, kiwi classics, savouries and sweets and of course Christmas themed goodies are always welcome!

The drop off times are below, thank you once again to our amazing drop off site people for giving up their homes/work places to let us drop off baking!

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{Rhubarb earl grey vanilla rose cakes via bakingequalslove}

{Rhubarb earl grey vanilla rose cakes via bakingequalslove}


Hello bakers,

Just a quick reminder that the next baking round is this Sunday 4 October! It’s round 37 and it’s the Garden Party Round inspired by the Garden Grandeur event hosted by the St Peter’s Anglican Church in November for the North Shore Hospice.

Be inspired by spring time baking, fresh flowers, fruits and veges, greenery and gorgeous gardens galore!

Thanks heaps to all those who have emailed already. If you haven’t done so and think you can bake please flick me an email to let me know:

1) If you are baking and what you think you might bake.

2) Where you think you will be dropping off the baking to.

3) How many cake boxes you think you will be needing.
Thanks again lovely bakers!
Nessie 🙂
Exported 2015-06-21 B4H R36 All you need is Love round

{Clockwise from top: Chocolate sable hearts by me, Chocolate hazelnut brownie by Karyn, Date and macadamia slice by Alice, and Banana cake with passionfruit icing by Karyn.}

Hello Bakers!

Here is the Wrap Up of all the gorgeous treats made by you for our All you need is love round! Thank you so much for all the deliciously beautiful baking you made.

Check out the post for the delicious pictures!

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Baking round today marking the first day of National Volunteer Week!

Thanks heaps to all you wonderful bakers! See you soon 🙂

 Dear Bakers,
The next round is next week! Sunday 21 June is baking day for all your marvelous creations. The theme is “All you need is Love” for lovingly lovely baking creations. Of course the theme is just for fun so don’t feel like you have to bake to theme if you have some delicious baked good you were planning to make.This round in particular the North Shore Hospice has asked for goodies that could be served at their annual function held for all their amazing volunteers. So think party/nibbly food, especially items that are freezable.  The lovely Michelle from North Shore Hospice wanted to thank everyone in advance:

Thank you in advance to all you wonderful bakers and of course Nessie who does an incredible job organising this event.

We look forward to seeing all your fabulous treats that are enjoyed by all involved with HNS.

The drop off timetable is below- check the right column for the sites that go to the different hospices :

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