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Hello bakers!

Baking for Hospice is back and the Christmas round is this Sunday 18 December!

Please check your email for more details about the drop off addresses and times.

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing baking and to introduce our little girl to you wonderful hospice bakers.


See you this Sunday

Nessie x

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all you need is love and baking bakingequalslove

Hello bakers!

Hope you are all keeping warm and snuggly up in Auckland!

The next round is coming up on Sunday 21 June and the North Shore Hospice has asked for some help with their upcoming Volunteer Recognition function. So we were thinking the theme for next round could be All you need is Love 🙂

So think of your most loved recipes, recipes you know others love, and recipes that show that your love! A mixture of sweet and savoury and the baking that can be frozen would be amazing!

Carol from the NS Hospice writes:

I understand that the next round of delicious Baking for Hospice is due a week or two before the function and we were hoping that you would be happy if we kept aside the baking this round for the function.

We couldn’t function without our amazing volunteers.  Over 700 people give up their time every week/fortnight to help those in our community who are living with a life-limiting illness.  Volunteers are involved in every aspect of Hospice services including greeting families & visitors at our reception, making meals, cups of tea for our patients in our inpatient unit, running our day group programme, interviewing patients to create their life reviews, working in Hospice shops to help raise funds and supporting families in their home.  They work tirelessly to ensure we are able to give the best possible care to people in Hospice care.  We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing group of people in our community and at the end of June, we aim to reinforce just how much we appreciate them.

If it was OK, could we ask the next round be baking that we can freeze.  If you were looking for a theme – could it be ‘love’ – as we love our volunteers, and they give so much love to Hospice and those in our care……

Will email in the next week with the exact times for drop offs but in the meantime, if you can, pretty please email me:
1. If you think you can bake,
2. What you think you might be baking (approx number of cake boxes required) and

3. Which drop off site you might be dropping off to out of St Johns, Pakuranga, Onehunga, Newmarket, Albany, Forrest Hill and the NS Hospice.

Thanks heaps lovely bakers!

N 🙂

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Hello lovely bakers,

I am really really sorry for the super late round up!! A couple of my close family has been quite ill for the last little bit and that we are currently overseas for my brothers wedding!! Will get on to finishing it as soon as I get back though so please watch this space!

In the meantime the next round is already coming up eek!! My goodness this year has gone by ridiculously quickly!!!

The next round is on Sunday 7 September 2014. Since it is landing on Father’s day let’s make it a Father’s themed round!

Will send out another email with drop off times shortly!!

Thanks so much for your patience.

Nessie x

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Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all you wonderful bakers today. We had an epic, biggest ever round and it all looked AMAZING.


Lots of delicious loaves and cookies and cakes which the hospices just love.


There were even a few people who dropped off baking despite having run a half marathon this morning! Amazing!


You are all so awesome!!


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Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the amazing bakers who helped out with the Mercy Hospice Hospice Cuppa event and the Hospice North Shore Open Home fundraiser!


Anne from Mercy Hospice had a lovely message for you amazing bakers:

Hi Nessie and our wonderful bakers,

Thank you for your generous contribution towards the overall success of this mornings Hospice Cuppa.

Your eats were beautiful and delicious and enjoyed by all.

Thanks for all you do for Mercy Hospice.

Kind regards,



From the lovely Carol at Hospice North Shore:

Thank you to those who are baking slice for our Peace & Plenty Inn Open Home fundraiser – our guests will be very spoilt with the delicious slices from the Baking for Hospice team.


Really appreciate the incredible amount of work that everyone put in baking, and dropping off baking – you are all honestly an amazing bunch!!!




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{peace and plenty inn}

{peace and plenty inn, devonport, auckland}


Hello baking friends!

Thank you so much to all those who have volunteered to help out with the Mercy Hospice Cuppa so far!

15th May is a busy day in the Hospice Appeal Month because the North Shore Hospice are also having an event in Devonport!

From Carol @NS Hospice:
We have the Peace & Plenty Open Home as part of the Hospice Cuppa.

Peace & Plenty Inn

Open Home

Thursday 15th May

10am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 3.30pm

6 Flagstaff Terrace, Devonport

The Peace & Plenty Inn is one of Devonport’s original homesteads – a beautiful Victorian property (circa 1880) which has been magnificently restored over the years into a luxury B&B. Owner, Judith is opening her doors for one day only for Hospice supporters in May. Come and view the stunning rooms before strolling through the beautiful gardens – this really is one of Devonport’s hidden gems. Enjoy the atmosphere of this spectacular oasis with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and a slice.

Tickets $10 pp

We would love to promote the work of the Baking for Hospice team and I was hoping that a few of your wonderful volunteers would be prepared to bake some slices that we could serve at the Peace & Plenty Inn Open Day. My thoughts was that if it could be slice that could be frozen, it could be done over the next couple of weeks, we would be organised an ready for the event. We are hoping to be catering for approx 150.


Are there any lovely bakers who able to help out with some baking for this event?

Please flick me (bakingforhospice@gmail.com) and Carol (Carol.Herbert@hospicenorthshore.org.nz) an email!


For more info on the Peace and Plenty Open Home for Hospice: http://www.hospicenorthshore.org.nz/Events/Peace+and+Plenty+Inn+Open+Home+for+Hospice.html

Thanks so much every one!!

Nessie 🙂

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Hello lovely bakers!

The wonderful Carlene at the North Shore Hospice has asked me to ask you lovely folk for some help with the Hospice Recipe Book!

Here’s what Carlene said:

“I’d like to tell you about an idea that I’ve come up with to support Hospice North Shore’s fundraising efforts.   I think it fits very nicely with the work that Hospice does and will make a popular gift over the next few years.

I would like to produce a Hospice North Shore Recipe Book that includes recipes contributed by Hospice North Shore bakers, staff, volunteers, families of patients that we have worked with and supporters. The Recipe Book will then be made available to the public for sale, with profits going to Hospice North Shore.

Each page of the Recipe Book will include the recipe, a photo of the finished food and a photo and sentence or two on the person who has contributed the recipe.
In addition, throughout the book, there will be articles and photos on Hospice North Shore and some inspirational quotes.  The Recipe Book will be between 100-200 pages long (one recipe per page) and in full colour.  My goal is to have it completely finished, printed and ready to launch in October 2014, in time for the Christmas shopping season.  October next year sounds a long time away, but as I’ll be volunteering on it part-time, it will take this long to collate the recipes, design the layout, get it printed and have it looking great.

Other community fundraising Recipe Books include recipes from many different people including celebrities, but I think ours can remain special if we only accept recipes from people who have or have had a connection with Hospice North Shore.  For example, if we were to include Judy Bailey’s favourite recipe, it would be because of her connection with Hospice North Shore as our Patron, not because she is well-known.

So, as you are our cooking and baking guru’s☺, I’d like you to be the first to be invited to contribute your favourite recipe to be considered for inclusion in this Recipe Book.  I can’t guarantee it will be included, for example if we get 30 recipes for Chocolate Cake, I will only be able to select one.  We can include soups, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, baking, desserts, preserves, kids’ ideas, drinks, helpful hints, gift ideas, canapés, etc.

If you are interested in submitting a recipe, you will need to provide;
1.    The recipe name
2.    The ingredients
3.    The method
4.    A photo of the finished food (hi res jpeg format)
5.    A photo of the person contributing the recipe (hi res jpeg format)
6.    2 sentences on the person contributing the recipe and their connection with Hospice North Shore.”


If you can remember something delicious that you have baked for a Baking for Hospice Round and you don’t mind sharing the recipe flick me an email with the above 6 pieces of info and I can grab the photo I took of your baking to forward on to Carlene. If you need a little reminder about all the lovely things you’ve baked over the rounds check out: https://bakingforhospice.wordpress.com/category/round-wrap-ups/ for past wrap ups

If you could please get recipes to me by this Sunday 16 February 2014 that would be awesome!!!

Thanks heaps again lovely bakers!!

N 🙂

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photo 2

Merry merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing you and your whanau love, joy, and peace this festive season.

Thinking of all the families spending Christmas at the Hospice, sending you love and strength.

Thinking of our loved ones who are no longer with us, we love you, we miss you, and celebrate with you in our hearts today.

Whatever is beautiful and meaningful for you, and whatever brings you happiness, may it be yours this Christmas.

Wishing you a togethery and remembery Christmas filled with love.

Meri Kirihimete.


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Very sorry everyone!  The next wrap up is on it’s way…have been on a ridiculously busy placement for the last few weeks and time has just gotten away with me a bit.  So very sorry for the delay in getting the wrap up out!

Thanks heaps for your patience!

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{pavlova and strawberries: left over Christmas eve noms}

Thank you so much to all you lovely bakers who baked for our Christmas Round!

And thank you to to all the wonderful people at the North Shore Hospice, Mercy Hospice and Totara Hospice, the ever-patient always-lovely  drop off ladies, the tireless Pavanie and Aimee, and every single one of you awesome bakers for all your amazing support! It has been incredible getting to share the love for the Hospice in baking. Could not do it without your generosity, time and dedication so thank you so much!!

Wishing you all a Christmas and New Year filled with joy and laughter, hugs and full bellies.

Meri Kirihimete, Merry Christmas everyone!

{Midnight Mass at the gorgeous St Mathews}

{Midnight Mass at the gorgeous St Mathews}

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