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Hello bakers!

Mercy Hospice needs our help, or more specifically, our baking!  They are holding a Fabric-a-brac on Sat 18 August and would really like our help to provide some baking that they can serve at a morning tea.

Mercy would love any loaves and slices, things that can freeze well.  You can drop the baking off during working hours in the week before the event (week of Sun 12 – Fri 17 August) and also on Sunday 12 August from 10am-12pm at the lovely Aimee’s place (our Hillsborough drop off site).

If you are able to bake please:
1) Flick me an email to let me know and cc in bakingforhospicemercy@gmail.com;
2) Let me know what you are thinking of baking; and
3) When you can drop the baking off (so I can let Mercy Hospice and Aimee know what to expect!).

If you could pretty please email me before Saturday 11 August that would awesome! 🙂

Am still working through the Wrap Up from last round – thank you so much to every one who baked!  Sorry for the delay!

Hope you are all keeping warm!

Nessie 🙂

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